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Welcome to Silly Software. My name is Dean Sharples (Deano) and I am the founder and programmer. I live in Manchester, England.

Silly Software was formed in 1993 with myself as programmer and Tonesoft (Tony Gooding) as artist. Our first title “Mobster’s City” was released in 1994. We continued releasing software for the Atari ST until 1997 when Tonesoft decided to leave. After this I ported some titles to the Amiga and wrote two games from scratch which were Spot It and Never Ending Colouring Book. Both these games were released on the Atari ST by Tony Greenwood.

The last release by Silly Software with Tonesoft was Grafix The Easy Way, an art tutor. I have included this on this site in website format. We started a game called “Percy Peanut” after that but it was never finished. A final game “Mummy’s Playtime” was written two years later..

Well it is twenty years later and I have decided to start programming for Silly Software again for the PC. You should see titles starting to appear soon. In the meantime you can download our back catalogue from this website. Out of interest I wish to share with you that I programmed in STOS Basic on the Atari ST and Amos Pro on the Amiga.

Wish to contact me? Send me an email and I’ll get back to you.

Learn more about what I do at: http://www.deansharples.com

Dean Sharples


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